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1 Make sure she or he is truly a "Wedding Professional"  -  There is a difference.


2 Know that NOT all  DJ's are Emcees   and   NOT all  Emcees are DJs.  - Believe that.


3 Every DJ/Emcee has strengths and weaknesses.... Make sure who you hire has what you want!

Top Qualities should be: Established, Endorsed by other vendors, Thoroughly Experienced, Have Presence, Articulate, Personable, Charismatic, Organized, Well Reviewed, Licensed and Insured.   A long form conversation or meeting should definitely be part of the decision making process.  


4 An emcee is your narrator not just your hype guy.   This is important to the overall outcome and experience of your wedding day.   He or she is vital to highlighting the All Important moments so your family and guests experience & engage at your wedding, not just be there.   This factor will determine how everyone remembers your Wedding Day!


5 Hiring a true wedding Dj/Mc is not just about the music, there are many roles and responsibilities (sound tech, communicator, organizer, motivator...  the voice of your reception) 


6 He or she should be a source of knowledge, experience and guidance, be there as a professional & consultant.  Someone who can vividly articulate ideas & experiences and give you absolute confidence  that you have found your DJ/MC!

We are excited to share with you how we at Bliss Events Group are different from any other DJ or Entertainment Company Period. 

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to earn your business! 


Also, keep an eye on your email and check your spam box we will be in touch soon!


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